Friday, April 1, 2011

Back to School?

I just got back from substitute teaching again at the Boy's school.  There are days like today that I want to renew my teaching certificate and go back to work full-time.  And then I think about all that it entails and how it makes me a little nervous.  I wonder what I would do if Boy got sick and had to stay home.  I don't have any family nearby, and so I know I would need to take a sick day.  Good thing that Boy doesn't get sick very often!  The other problems I think of are the fact that since we'd be a dual income family with only one child, then we'd probably end up paying more taxes.  Which is okay, I guess, if you know to expect that.  The benefits would be that I would get to teach again, we'd be able to pay off our debt A LOT sooner, and I'd be in Boy's school. 

It's something I really have to think about, though, but I do love kids, and I do love to teach!