Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Worth More Than a Buck

Ever had one of these?  Yes, that would be a Costco churro. That deep fried, cinnamon-sugary smell filled my nose today.  I bought it for my toddler who was pointing and saying, "Snack" while we were in the check-out line.  It was lunchtime, and I thought, "I have a buck in my wallet; I'll just get him a churro to eat in the car on the way  home."  Sure, no problem. . .

WRONG!  First, I've never had a Costco churro.  "What?" you say incredulously. "How is that even possible?"  You see, when you have an amazingly strong husband when it comes to sweets, and you ask, "Do you want something from there?" and he always answers "No," then you never buy one.  Because it's not worth a buck.

I had never held a Costco churro, and thus I was ill-prepared for the scent that would assault me when held it in my hand.  My insides screamed, "Eat IT!!!"  I quickly handed it to the kid, which he thrust back at me and pointed at the fountain drinks.  Uh, what?! 

There I was stuck holding this deliciousness in my hand.  I pulled off a piece and got Kid to eat a piece, but then he refused to eat more as he dropped a morsel in the parking lot that I refused to stop and pick up to feed to him.  I couldn't console him. 

As we got in the car, I shoved the temptation in his lap, which he ignored the entire ride home, all the while the aroma of the thing begged me to eat it.

I heard all the reasons in my head,

"You can't let it go to waste."
"You spent money on that thing."
"It's huge!  Don't just throw it away."
"It's only ONE churro. No big deal."
"You're so close to your goal weight, everyone thinks you're skinny enough anyway -- JUST EAT IT!"

When we got home, I again encouraged Kid to eat it, but he did not. I was forced to hold the thing again.

I admit, I sniffed it long and hard.  I even touched it briefly with my tongue -- and NO, I would NOT call that a lick -- getting two sugar crystals on your tongue does NOT a lick make!

Then I saw the words clearly flash across my brain.  STOP. CHALLENGE. CHOOSE.

"What do you want more:  Optimal health and your goal weight of 145, or a churro that costs a measly buck at Costco? If you eat it now, good luck trying to lose those last 23 pounds!"


I got out of the car, walked the long stretch of driveway to the garbage can, and gave one last long look, and dropped the churro into the can.  It looked lonely in there sitting on the bottom, but there was no way in all of this earth I was going to climb in after it and eat it.  Yes, churro, I saved you by tossing you.  Go, be your delicious-smelling self in my trash can.  The 75 pounds I've lost and the confidence I've gained are NOT worth a measly $1.08.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

What I CAN Do

It has been three months since I "revived" this blog. . . hahahahahaha. . . .(breathes deeply) ahahahahahah. . . .


Yep.  So much for revival.

Anyway, an update:  Today I have lost 75 pounds and currently weigh (as of last Monday) 170 pounds!  I'm getting so close to my goal weight.  What can I do that I couldn't before?  Well, here's a list of what I can think of right away:

Sleep without lower back pain
Hop out of bed without joint pain
Run up my stairs and not be out of breath
Cross my legs
Wear a size Medium shirt
Run without knee, ankle, or hip pain
Do burpees
Say "No" to cookies, treats, and sugary items
Say "No" to French fries
Make a quiche
Cook gluten-free breakfasts
Get up off the floor or couch without grunting
Hug my husband and have his hands go all the way around my waist
Feel my jaw and collar bones
Go down the slide at the playground
Get my kids to eat vegetables (well, except for #2 -- he's still a toddler and picky!)

Just after I posted in January, I decided to become a Health Coach.  I made my decision for several reasons.  First, I want to prove to myself and those who know me that I can overcome my greatest weaknesses (food addiction, lack of self-control) and can put them behind me; I want to reach the potential that I believe God sees in me.  Second, I want to pay it forward to my family and friends to see them get healthy and find the confidence that I have.  Thirdly, I want to prove that if I can dream it, I can be it.  If I can be it, I can share it.  If I can share it, I can make a difference.  If I can make a difference, so can you. 

I was terrified to become a Health Coach because I wasn't at my goal weight, I didn't want to sound salesy, and I wasn't sure I knew what I was doing.  However, venturing out into this new world, I found friends who love and support me because they, too, have ventured into this role.  My own health coach has reminded me of my strengths.  You know the most amazing thing, my weaknesses are strengths in their own ways, but it's how I USE them that makes them strengths or weaknesses.  My mind was blown when that truth finally dawned on me.  If you get out of your own way, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

In good news, I now have 15 clients that I get to share their own health journeys!  I'm honored to walk this path with them as they get healthy and change their lives.  I hope they find what I have!

This journey has been amazing, difficult, and yet wonderful.  I still have much to work on and accomplish, but I'm finally seeing that when you do venture out, you do gain something!  

And it's NOT over yet!  Stay tuned!